Unsecured Personal Loan Credit Trends:
How do Fintechs Fare with Traditional FIs?
2023 Year-In-Review

Consumer credit behavior is shifting. This report, based on Experian data from January 2019 to November 2023, reveals surprising trends in two popular products: unsecured personal loans and credit cards.

  • Fintech origination slow down: One of the most notable trends is a decrease in origination amounts for unsecured personal loans and credit cards issued by fintech lenders compared to last year.
  • Balances on the rise across lenders: Interestingly, the average balances of both unsecured personal loans and credit cards have increased from last year, impacting all lenders, including fintechs.
  • Delinquency concerns: While delinquency levels dropped significantly during the pandemic, they are now on the rise for both unsecured loan and credit card portfolios over the past two years.


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